About the Big Local

What is the Big Local


The Big Local area consists of a group of four area`s within the Stalybridge North Ward .
These consist of SPRINGS, HAGUE, ARLIES and RIDGE HILL ESTATES. There is an estimated 6000 residents within these estates all with a common goal of improving the area in which we live.


The Big Local scheme will be spending at least £1 million pounds in the Springs, Hague, Arlies and Ridge Hill estates over the next ten years, and it’s up to local residents to decide what the money should be used for. The Big Local partnership Group are keen to find out the views of local people about which are the most important problems to address, and how.


Our Priorities




[quote] ‘Engage, involve, grow.’ [/quote]

If you can imagine a spider building a web, it starts with a single strand. Each new strand adds further strength and increases opportunities for new, different routes. More and more routes open up as the web spreads out wider, becoming stronger still, more and more strands connecting and crossing over again and again. This is how we see our Big Local. Single strands (our people), connecting and crossing over again and again, becoming bigger, stronger, better, together. The key areas of focus for our first two years of Big Local are:


1. Creating our Big Local Hub
We have found the right venue at the heart of our area. Securing our own base and kitting it out to offer a pleasant, welcoming place that people will love to come to is key to much of what we want to achieve. Our Big Local Hub will give us a visible, ‘open door’ presence in our Community and be the centre for many of our projects and activities.


2. It’s good to talk
We intend to keep on talking, to our whole community. We will put in place strong and effective communication systems, fully implemented, operational and well used. An all-encompassing communications plan is vital. It will inform residents of what the “Springs, Hague, Ridge Hill and Arlies Big Local” is doing as a group as well as informing them of what events, courses and activities are organised.


3. We can’t do it on our own, partnerships are vital
We will strengthen our existing partnerships as well as sourcing and developing new alliances. There is already fantastic work being done in our area by the existing partnership agencies. We are in a position where we can now support them even more and help them to provide even better service delivery and outcomes. At the same time, we will actively pursue and encourage new partnerships and agencies to enhance what we already have and value.