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Our Partnership Board

Big Local Partnership Board Members

The Partnership is a group of people who together are responsible for the overall direction of Big Local in the Springs, Ridge Hill, Arlies and Hague areas. The partnership job is to make sure Big Local connects with and involves many different people from the area. Our partnership includes a mix of people, the majority of whom live or work in the area and who really know the area well. We have a mix of local business owners or people who’s place of work is within the local area. People from a community organisations,  housing associations, and the local authority. We are a diverse group of people with different perspectives, experiences and strengths all working to achieve the vision for our area.

We must meet the following membership criteria:

At least eight members.
Majority (at least 51%) of members are individuals who live within your Big Local area’s boundaries.
Members reflect the range and diversity of people who live in your local area, for example, in relation to age, ethnicity, gender, faith, disability or income levels.
Majority (at least 51%) of individuals are members in their own right, rather than formally representing interests of other organisations.

Our current Partnership members


Mick O’Neill Chair
Jade Mulholland Resident Big Local Co-ordinator
Jan Jackson TMBC Councillor
Anne Sheriff Local Trust Representitive
Christine Maher Resident  
Rob Bishop Resident Community Engagement
Ridgehill Enterprise
Karen Rees-Unwin Resident Director
Ridgehill enterprises
Matthew Skelly Resident  
Samantha Anderson Resident  
Sean Ellam New charter Neighbourhood Manager, New Charter Housing Trust Group
Sue Cox New Charter  Community Development Manager
Adrian Pearce TMBC Ward Councillor
Mike Devine Neighbourhood Policing Team Community Beat Manager, Greater Manchester Police
Sue Moorcroft  TMBC  Neighbourhood Services
Will Stewart  Resident  Youth group worker
David Hansell  Resident  Representing St Georges Church



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